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There are millions of small business websites out there – and 7-Out-Of-10 get failing Effectiveness Scores.

To WIN, your website must present a powerful marketing message clearly, concisely, and compellingly.  And…be structured to promote Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.  The question is, whether you decide to keep things as they are, or take a positive step toward the future.

If you want greater effectiveness from your website, landing pages, and emails, I’d like to suggest you consider Radical WebPower (RWP).

What You Will Learn With The RWP Website Science & Strategy Courses

  • Why the “same-old-same-old” website designs and content just don’t cut it anymore. They may be pretty, but they're not effective.
  • Why the First Seven Inches of your website or landing page are so important.
  • How to make your Webpages and landing pages more effective by using our “3 Step Power System” for lead generation, conversions, and sales.
  • How “Logical Thought Sequencing” and writing in “Thought Bites” lead to more conversions and sales.


Who Benefits From Radical WebPower?

●     Business Website Owners – Ensure Maximum Website Effectiveness with training in Radical WebPower Science and Strategies.  Finally, you'll know exactly how to structure and word your website and landing pages.
Website Designers – Take your skills to a new level. Add Certified "Website Effectiveness" Copywriter to your qualifications and attract more clients.
●     Business and Marketing Coaches – Increase your value to your clients by helping them get better results from websites, landing pages, and emails.
●     Copywriters – Get qualified as Certified WebPower Specialist and get more gigs at higher fees.

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●     RWP, 14-piece, multi-media course designed to give you a competitive edge.

●     Adapting To Digital, 15-piece Tutorial helps you dig deeper with all-original Guides, Articles, Self-Tests, and Videos. Made specifically to support RWP.   Plus, two members-only toolboxes with 26 learning guides.

●     BONUSES – Our money-making Mini-Course, How To Write Max Impact Emails. AND 30 all-original Infographics.

●     $721 VALUE if purchased separately.

●     SPECIAL BONUS – Complimentary Website Effectiveness Evaluation. Get professional input before you “go live”. (a $195 Value - Yours Free)

●     LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – NO Renewal Fees.

●     30 Day Money-back Guarantee


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Paula Wilson WLAM U Enrollee

“I can’t thank you enough for the Write Like A Madman courses, tutorials and toolboxes. Easy to understand and very well illustrated. College courses should be this detailed.”

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Alan Tarr, Founder & Chief Content Officer, Write Like A Madman University

      Hi, I’m Alan Tarr, Master Copywriter, and I to write. I was trained at a Top 5 Madison Avenue Ad Agency, and I’ve written copy for huge international companies right down to the corner bakery.

     I developed Radical WebPower during the 16 months of the Covid pandemic and I know – if it works for me, it can work for you.  Give it a try and if, within 30 days, you feel it doesn’t give you that “edge” you need to get more clicks, conversions, and customers, I’ll personally refund your money.  No questions.  No hard feelings.

Learn and Prosper,

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