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Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool
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There are millions of websites out there – and dozens, hundreds, or thousands of competitors.  To WIN, it’s critical your website present a powerful marketing message clearly, concisely, and compellingly.


Radical WebPower, a step-by-step tutorial consisting of two videos and four Marketing Guides, will give you “how-to’s” and “why’s” you’ve never seen before.  You’ll learn why the same old–same old website designs and content just don’t work and why our WebPower Formula and Templates will make building a World-Class website easy to understand and implement.



Ready to be shocked?

Little Known Success Formula Revealed!
Over 77% of small business homepages fail the oh-so-important test of “Above The Fold” effectiveness.  With The 7” Solution you can lessen your bounce rate, increase conversions, and make more sales. (54 pgs)

Upgrade the rest of your site

VIDEOS – Part I and II

Once you’ve got those 7 inches above the fold working nicely, it’s time to do the same for your 13 Essential elements like: Headlines, Images, Layout, Blogs, Videos and eight more. (32 min)

Don’t be Feature Fixated

Most entrepreneurial websites are justly proud of the innovations they bring to the marketplace.  But beware.  Focusing on your features gets you only so far.  Focus on the benefits and underlying satisfactions you bring your customer and get to the finish line.  Use this template to make it easy. (22 pgs)

How To Create – or Recreate – Your Site

Small businesses often make serious mistakes when building and writing content for their homepage and landing pages.  Discover this new and better way to structure your World-Class Website.

(23 pgs)

Pick the best color scheme for your site

Believe it or not, the color choices you make for your website, logo, advertising, and packaging can either have a positive effect on your conversions and sales – or a negative one.  Don’t make this choice lightly.

(18 pgs)

All This For One Low Package Price

● The 7-Inch Solution (reg $39)
● 13 Essentials videos (reg $49)
● Look & Flow Template (reg $39)
● Features, Benefits & Satisfactions (reg. $29)
● Colors & Your Website (reg. $19)


A $175 value for the package price of only $99

Get More Opens And Click-Thru’s

● Subject and Preview Lines
● Spam Triggers To Avoid
● Words that get your Email Deleted
● 2 Email / Letter Templates
(54 pgs)

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“I’m using Alan’s RWP Formulas and Techniques to turn my website around…and it’s working.”

--Dr. Arthur Eckstat
Lawsuit & Trial Consultant

Learn and Prosper,

Alan Tarr
Creator of WriteLikeAMadman.com


P.S. As if all that great stuff above isn’t enough.  You’ll also get the 13 Essentials as a PDF Guide plus Word-For-Word Transcripts of the videos.  Sweet.